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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %GETTING KEYS KINGDOM GRAND HEAVEN PEARLY GATES SIN 030516 %ACROSS TRAIN TRACKS DOMINEERING PEOPLE GUARD IMAGE 030516 %VISIONS LOCKS HUMBLE ACCEPTANCE DIFFERENCES DEVILS 030516 %GRANDEUR WEALTH CONTROL ENTRANCE REJECTION KNOWING 030516 %COOPERATIVE COLLABORATIVE LIVES LOVERS TOGETHER 030516 %ARROGANCE SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS ABSOLUTE IGNORANCE 030516 Domineering people who covet the keys to the "Kingdom of Heaven" (and so try to get/control the "Keys To The Kingdom") thereby, for themselves, conceive and create their own image of the kingdom of heaven --- in a way which locks them (and other domineering people like them) --- outside of the true kingdom of heaven. The true kingdom of heaven is open to all humble people who recognize and accept as such the open doors of the kingdom --- which have no lock; and have no appearances of grandeur, wealth or ability to control anybody's entrance or exit. Domineering people conceive "The Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven" to be their special knowledge of what each person must believe, have, do, be, etc. --- to qualify to pass the guards who guard the "Grand Gates" into "The Kingdom of Heaven"; standing as the domineering people do, just outside of the "Grand and Pretentious Doors" of what they believe to be "The Kingdom of Heaven." What domineering people have conceived to be the "Grand and Pretentious Doors" of the wonderful and Power- Full "Kingdom" are just "across the tracks" from the true kingdom of heaven which to them looks like a thoroughly run-down-slum --- because those who live there are humble, non-pretentious and share equitibly with each other the sweet fruits of their collaborative works. The domineering people are pretentiously guarding the "Grand Gates of The Kingdom of Heaven" --- have never been inside the true kingdom of heaven --- which is "across the tracks" from the "Upscale-Neighborhood" of "The Grand Kingdom of Heaven" --- which they have not yet visited in person. They have only heard questionable stories about what is beyond the "Grand Gates". Domineering people believe that if people are NOT sufficiently well-qualified, wealthy, powerful, coercive, violent, in-control and self-confident --- they cannot get into "The Kingdom of Heaven" --- which they guard; while clutching onto the keys which keep them out --- because they refuse "to cross the tracks" to enter the open lock-less-doors on the "other side of the tracks." Domineering people contentiously argue with each other over which of them have the real-keys to the "Grand Kingdom of Heaven", because they have not experienced going through the doors of the kingdom of heaven to experience for themselves what is inside the humble- sanctuary "across the tracks". They have noticed, however, that each domineering person's set of keys is "different". That knowledge makes them feel insecure and ill-at-ease! The guards proudly finger their own special keys which they believe will qualify them to open and enter the Grand Gates --- after they are completely dead. They refuse to cross the tracks before they die --- because being seen "across the tracks" would mark them forever as disqualified to enter The Grand Kingdom after they die. They have themselves experienced no proof of the nature of the kingdom of heaven, but still accept "on authority" what they have been told by earlier domineering people like themselves --- who have died and have NOT COME BACK to report what happened to them after they died. Speculation continues "just across the tracks" from the real kingdom of heaven where true people take good care of each other in open and honest relationships of love, dialogue, and the balanced sharing of what they have experienced; and treasure as giving true meaning to their cooperative lives together. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================