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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %IDOLATROUS NATURES LAWS ULTIMATE CONCERNS SYSTEM 030513 %DOMINATION FALLEN POWERS DOMINEERING EMBARRASSED 030513 %AUTHENTIC PEOPLE INTEGRITY SEEK TRUTHS LOVERS SEX 030513 %THREATEN PUNISH DEMONSTRATE GRACIOUS PROTEST SPEAK 030513 %CONCENTRATED CORRUPTED POWERS FALLEN ANGELS GENTLE 030513 %COERCIVE VIOLENT MUTUAL PLEASURE SATISFACTION GOD 030513 Because of the idolatrous natures of the ultimate concerns of "The Domination System", of "The Fallen Powers That Be", and of their domineering supporters: 1. All of them will be embarrassed, offended and threatened by authentic-people-of-integrity who seek to articulate-and-demonstrate --- in gracious-words and gracious-deeds --- the way/path from coercive/violent domination --- toward gentle and meek integrations and integrity --- for all people to enjoy with mutual-pleasure -and-satisfaction. 2. They will oppose in every way/path that they can conceive and use/abuse --- any change/movement by anybody: from arrogance toward humility from pretentiousness toward authenticity from exclusivity toward inclusivity from defensiveness toward hospitality from contentiousness toward cooperation from attacks on each other toward collaboration from superiority toward complementation from extremism toward balance/cooperation from deception toward openness/honesty from dishonesty toward gracious-revelations from disorder/confusion toward clear-descriptions from manipulative-chaos toward integrations/integrity from punishments toward facilitations-of-love from dishonest promotions toward honest reverence from coercive mandates toward integrity-and-reverence from selfish-greed toward neighborly-generosity from suspiciousness toward trust-and-tolerance from destructions toward constructive-works from preparing for war toward preparing-for-peace from revenge toward forgiveness/healing from addictions toward healings/health from alienation toward reconciliation from violence toward gentleness from narcissism toward communal-integration from egocentricity toward cosmic-integrity from secrecy toward publicity from attacks toward civility from demands toward offering true-help from rejections toward mutual-acceptance from preaching toward mutual-dialogue from telling toward true-listening from getting/counting gains toward sharing-goods from minimizing risks toward maximizing-integrity from building for a few toward building-sanctuaries from authoritarianism toward sharing-experiences from pre/pro-scriptions toward de-sriptions from angry-gods toward God-as-Lover from gods of suspicion toward God-as-Integrator from clutching-goods toward sharing-goods from unilateral controls toward letting-go-of-controls from unilateralism toward mutual-relationships from "invulnerability" toward mutual-intimacy-safety from "invincibility" toward mutual-interdependence from superiority toward gracious-service from judgementalism toward reconciliations-in-Love from dis-ease toward being-at-ease in Love from isolation toward mutual-communications from formalities toward authentic-intimacies from risk-avoidance toward prudent-risk-acceptance from limitation-denials toward working-within-limits from ignoring natural-laws toward working-within-the-laws from science/religion chaos toward integrating them well from avoiding hard issues toward dialogue about issues from respecting collusions toward transcending collusions from addictions toward integration & integrity from codependencies toward inter-dependent lovers, from fears/anxiety toward being together in Love from domination toward friendship/cooperation All of the above changes work to expose the many ways in which "The Domination System", "The Fallen Powers That Be", and domineering supporters of them --- lack integrity and undermine both personal and communal integrities. All the above changes will be EMBARRASSING-TO and OPPOSED-BY those respected powerful people who support "The Domination System" and "The Fallen Powers That Be" --- THEREBY KEEPING THEM IN HELL. For them --- the changes are unthinkable acts of treason --- against their idolatrous god of domination and unilateral controls. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================