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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %TRACE ORIGINS CONFLICTS CONTENTIOUSNESS RESOLVE+030422 %RECOGNIZE UNDERSTAND NAME DESCRIBE TALK ABOUT EVIL+030422 %DOMINATION CONTROL WINNERS LOSERS RESENT GRUDGE+030422 %WINNERS DESTROY WAR BATTLE ATTACK ENEMY ALIENATE+030422 %PRINCIPALITIES POWERS ANGELS DEVILS CONCENTRATED+030422 %CORRUPTED SUPERIORITY ARROGANT SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS 030422 To recognize, name, understand, clarify and subvert the ways in which many of domineering people among us abuse power --- we need to "trace", "follow", "clarify", and "talk- about" the "paths" through which "our-conflicts": come from "origins" and 'flow" in various "ways" to "places" in our lives where they "engender contentiousness" until we find/create new "ways" in which to "truly- resolve" the conflicts, so that they "END". "Domination" and "controls" do not "truly-resolve" or "end" conflicts --- so long as "losers" resent and hold grudges against "winners". "Eliminating" all "losers" creates more people who recognize and resent the ways in which "domineering- people" eliminated their "perceived-enemies". What, then, are the "natures-of" and "some-examples- of" the "elements" which "are-in-conflict" with "each-other"? "Elements" may include the following: ideals, values, principles, goals, plans, intentions, expectations, rules, laws, commandments, prescriptions, proscriptions, taboos, etc. AND the people who are the incarnations of them and are motivated/guided by all that they have internalized AND various groups/communities of such people. What are the "natures-of" our "root-conflicts"? Our "root-conflicts" reside within tensions between "independent-demands" made upon us and by "elements" which are not-coordinated and not-well-integrated; e.g., "elements" which demand that we show reverence to each one of them as the one and only god in our life. Such "false-gods" demand that we be dishonest about our ability to show ultimate concern about incoherent "elements" and the demands they make upon us. Our "false-gods" may include: rules, laws, regulations, traditions, taboos, collusions, addictions, prescriptions, proscriptions, commandments, scrip- tures, confessional-statements, for- malities, etc. --- which are incoherent/ not-integrated. In his book "The Powers That Be" Walter Wink speaks- truth-to-power in suggesting that we need to become clear about what are our modern: Principalities, Addictions, Powers, Pre-occupations, Angels, Prejudices, Spirits, Dominations, Devils, Domination-systems, Lords, Conspiracies, Kings, Enslavements, Queens, Bullies, Dictators, Bosses, Monarchs, Minders. There are many occasions where we need to be cautious; e.g., to avoid spreading terrible diseases and dis-ease. Such caution is "in order" when many strangers are crowded together and when a few people are very intimate with each other; for such are the conditions which are favorable for the spreading of diseases and dis-ease --- if proper precautions are not respected and honored. Our dilemma is that there are in every large group of people, some people who are: paranoid, fear-full, anxious, domineering, etc. --- people who promote fear, anxiety, domination, and controls to such an extent that they undermine healthy opportunities for people to transcend-collusive-games-of-mutual-self- deception and so be able to: Relax, Sleep, Try-new-ways, Try-new-ideas, Form-new-friendships, Be-truly-intimate, Be-in-fellowship, Be-in-communion, Listen-to-strangers, Truly-resolve-conflicts, Explore-new-possibilities, Expose-the-domination-system, Engage-in-open-and-honest-dialogue, Meet-publicly-with-different-people. People who are willing to be open and honest should be free and able to cooperate in preventing the spread of diseases and dis-ease --- and at the same time engage in the above healthy activities without hindrance on the part of people who are: paranoid, fear-full, domineering, greedy, unilateral, suspicious, etc. We need to work together to build sanctuary-communities where we can often be free to throw caution to the winds --- and let-go of standardized inhibitions which need not be enforced at each and every moment --- to promote personal and communal integrity. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================