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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %REDUCE MITIGATE DELIMIT EVIL UNDERSTAND NATURES+030413 %SUBSTANCE PLACE IDEA IMAGE PERSON RELATIONSHIP SIN+030413 %POLLUTION SUBSTANCE IMPERFECTION NONCONFORMITY GOD+030413 %ARROGANCE PRIDE SELF RIGHTEOUS DOMINATION CONTROLS+030413 %ESTRANGEMENT EXCOMMUNICATION ALIENATION DENIGRATED+030413 %SUPERIORITY INFERIORITY JUDGMENT LAWS CONFORMITY 030413 Before we can behave in ways which will reduce the amount of EVIL in the world --- we have to first understand what the nature of EVIL is; we have to identify wherein EVIL resides. It is often easier to say what EVIL is not, and where EVIL is not to be found; than to say what EVIL is, and where EVIL is to be found: 1. Evil is not a substance like rock, iron or gold --- which can be weighed professionally by a physicist in a physics laboratory. 2. Evil is not a chemical element or compound which can be identified professionally by a chemist in a chemical laboratory. 3. Evil is not a physical-form-of-energy which can be measured in terms of the official Metric System of International Units of Measurement with its unit called the "Joule" in terms of which to measure all forms of physical-energy. 4. Evil is not a feature of the natural environment such as a mountain, river, lake, cloud or storm. 5. Evil is not a feature or aspect of any of the above; and does not reside within any of the above. 6. Evil is not a physical or physiological feature of any isolated-individual person, and does not reside as a measurable "substance" within any isolated individual person. 7. Evil is not a "stuff" which can be taken out of any isolated-individual person --- to thereby make the person be "free of evil". 8. Evil is not a form-of-pollution which can be shown to exist within any isolated: physical object, place, idea, image, text or person. 9. Evil exists only within RELATIONSHIPS between and among people; pertaining to the ABSENCE of integration and integrity within RELATIONSHIPS. 10. Evil is to be recognized within RELATIONSHIPS which are characterized by: Alienation, Arrogance, Estrangement, Self-Righteousness, Misunderstanding, Judgementalism, Prejudice, Condemnations, Ignorance, Excommunications, Extremism, Denigrations, Fear-of-Differences, Domination, Mutual-Distrust, Coercion. To reduce the amount of EVIL within SPACE-SHIP-EARTH we must work cooperatively to promote: Reconciliation, Humility, Healing, Mercy, Hospitality, Forgiveness, Civility, Hospitality, Reverence, Sharing, Listening, Balance, Dialogue, Mutuality, Integration, Respect, Gentleness, Tolerance, Integrity, Coherence. Evil-RELATIONSHIPS grow worse in the ABSENCE of people who are working constantly to promote those realities which are pointed to by the words listed just above. It is a terribly tragic mistake to believe that we can eliminate evil in any true sense by: 1. Attempts to DESTROY what we regard as the foci of evil in whatever form we conceive-evil-to-be. 2. Attempts to BANISH or SEND-OUT of our communities those things and/or people whom we regard as tainted by the presence within-them as that which we regard as evil. 3. Attempts to CONTROL or DOMINATE those isolated individuals and/or groups of people --- that we regard as defective, impure, imperfect, embarrassing, threatening, "different", "intolerable", or in any sense "evil". 4. Promoting and enforcing superior standards-of- individual-personal: propriety, conformity or righteousness --- while avoiding consideration of the characteristics of our own defective RELATIONSHIPS with others. 5. Guns, bombs, tanks, airplanes, land-mines, and other destructive technologies are impotent when it comes to the tasks of transforming the characteristics of EVIL- RELATIONSHIPS into the characteristics of the relationships among TRUE-LOVERS. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================