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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %AUTHOR ESSAYS SYSTEM HELPS FIND KEYWORDS CLUSTER 030228 %FINDING SEARCHING CONCEPTS CONNECTIONS PATTERNS 030228 %SEEWORDS THESAURUS YOKE COUNTWORDS WORDPAIR HOW 030228 This collection of essays has evolved through the consideration of pairs, triplets and clusters of words which point to important realities which are often ignored and/or neglected. This one particular essay is an effort to make more transparent that fact about the evolution of "The Essays System" (both the texts and computer programs) and to make clear that users of the ESSAYS System can more readily find essays of interest --- if they are aware of the evolution process; and aware of the tools which are available. Below are some clusters of inter-related-keywords, in the manner of the clusters of the words which can be found in the ESSAYS System by holding down the key and pressing the key when working in the Main-Menu or any Secondary-Menu. UNILATERAL GOAL/DESTINATION COMMAND PLAN DEMAND DESIRE/NEED/WISH OVERWHELM IMAGE/IMAGINE DICTATE/DICTATOR VISION/ENVISION PRESCRIBE/PROSCRIBE HOPE/FANTASY DOMINATE/DOMINANT EXPECT/INTEND/INTENTION CONTROL SYSTEM/SYSTEMATICS LORD/MASTER ANALYSIS SLAVE/ENSLAVE LIBERATE/LIBERATION SHARE/SHARED MEANS SUGGEST/SUGGESTED METHOD/METHODOLOGY/STRATEGY WELCOME/WELCOMED TECHNIQUE/TECHNOLOGY HOSPITABLE/HOSPITAL PATH/WAY HOSPITALITY/HOST DOOR/ENTRY MODEL/ROLE/SCRIPT PARADIGM CIVIL/CIVILITY SECURE/SECURITY REVERENT/REVERENCE VULNERABLE/VULNERABILITY HONOR SAFE/SAFETY WORSHIP SANCTUARY/SANCTITY IDOL/IDOLATRY COMMUNITY/COMMUNICATION GOD CREATION COST PURITY/PURIFICATION BENEFIT ADDICT CONSEQUENCES EXTREME FRUIT REJECT/REJECTION BITTER/SWEET POLAR/POLARIZE EFFECT/CONSEQUENCE DICHOTOMOUS LAW/PATTERN/DESCRIPTION CONTEND NATURAL/HUMAN/HUMANE CONTENTIOUS CREATE/CREATIVE HEAL INTIMATE/INTIMACY RECONCILE FRIEND/FRIENDSHIP RECOVER SEX/SEXUALITY REST/SLEEP COHERE/BOND/BONDING EASE HONEST/OPEN RECREATION SECRET/HIDDEN LOVE INTEGRATE/INTEGRITY INCLUSIVE/EXCLUSIVE Users of this ESSAYS System may explore patterns of intimately related concepts/ideas/ideals by considering: 1. The above clusters of inter-related keywords, 2. The clusters listed when in the Main-Menu you: hold down key & press for "Yoke", hold down key & press for "Quick-pair", hold down key & press for "Word-pair", hold down key & press for "Thesaurus", hold down key & press for "Keywords", 3. Word-counts you can generate when in the Main- Menu by holding down key & pressing for "Countwords" you get the frequency-count of the keywords present in the most recently collected titles. (Also see "ViewWords".) 4. View second-menu-reports generated above & there press to initiate the use of the SEEWORDS command to search for keywords selected from the second-menu-report which is on screen at that time. Clusters of keywords may be selected from on screen in the second-menu report to find a new set of titles which can then be used and/or analyzed to find new clusters of inter-related keywords in titles. In the above ways the user of The Essays System may come to discern the themes and inter related clusters of words and concepts which are explored within The Essays System. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================