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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %ELIMINATING EVIL DOMINEERING DIFFERENT PEOPLE SIN 030225 %KILL PRISON DENIGRATE ELIMINATE PURIFY PURITY GOD 030225 %DICHOTOMOUS EITHER/OR QUESTIONS ANSWERS POWERS 030225 %ANSWERS DOMINATION SYSTEM POWERS THAT BE CORRUPT 030225 %YES/NO REJECTION EXCOMMUNICATION VULNERABLE POOR 030225 %INTEGRITY UNRELIABLE LOVER SEXUAL BEING AUTHENTIC 030225 To enjoy both personal and communal integrities we must recognize, understand and undermine "The Powers That Be" in the service of "The Domination System" and its supporters. Among its supporters are the following features: 1. Dichotomous thinking, questions and answers. Insisting that people chose us OR "them". Reducing all possible responses to yes/no. Rejecting people who do not fully agree with us. Distrusting people whom we do not know well. 2. Reliance on the domination of vulnerable people. Keeping vulnerable people vulnerable. Tricking powerful people to give away power. Undermining the power of people of integrity. Denigrating lovers as being unreliable. Denigrating honest people as being weak. Denigrating authentic people as non-conformists. Depriving natives of their natural resources. Spreading dis-ease and diseases among the poor. Keeping health care for the powerful/wealthy. 3. Keeping people preoccupied with power/conflicts. Distracting people away from falling in Love. Denigrating Love as being unfaithful to Law. Teaching people they can trust only techniques. Learning to manipulate all techniques for us. Focusing only on conflicts as being news-worthy. Promising people we can resolve their conflicts. Denigrating all forms of true peacemaking/love. 4. Concentrating all authority in ancient scripts. Shift attention away from experiences. Shift attention from spectrums of possibilities. Shift attention to good forms of exclusivity. Focusing on needing to exclude evil-people. Excluding evil-people from dialogue with us. Threatening to excommunicate evil-people. Killing evil-people to purify our communities. 5. Narrowing the kinds of information people have. Censoring texts, newspapers, news reports, etc. Making sure people have only good-information. Making sure people have good interpretations. Making sure people know only good-people, us. Making sure people never have bad experiences. Making sure people are like us; very-good. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================