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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %COMMON ENEMY PROMOTE FACILITATE PERSONAL COMMUNAL+021227 %CONVICTION BELIEVE COERCION VIOLENCE HELPFUL DEVIL+021227 %ESSENTIAL ROLE DEFEND PROTECT OVERCOME FREEDOM GOD+021227 %GENTLE MEEK MILD NET GAIN LOSS GETTING YES BEYOND+021227 %PEACEMAKER DOMINATION SYSTEM RESIST SUBVERT PRAYER+021227 %INSTITUTES TRAINING EDUCATION UNIVERSITY COLLEGES 021227 The common enemy of many human efforts to promote both personal and communal integrities --- is the CONVICTION on the part of many humans that the use of coercion and violence --- must continue to play an essential role in promoting both personal & communal integrities into the foreseeable future. Domineering people who are in the service of "The Domination System" are duty-bound to work hard to maintain that CONVICTION about the continued use of coercion and violence for "good" purposes --- for "The Domination System" cannot survive in the presence of the wide-spread CONVICTION that coercion and violence NEED NOT CONTINUE to play an essential role in promoting both personal and communal integrities. Because of the continuing efforts of domineering people many people have yet to discern that there are non-coercive and non-violent alternatives to the use of coercion and violence to facilitate and promote both personal and communal integrities. Such discernment will often entail: 1. The recognition that the use of coercion and violence most OFTEN ENTAILS A NET LOSS of personal &/or communal integrity within the affected communities at large. 2. The recognition that the uses of coercion and violence MOST OFTEN FAIL TO OFFER A NET GAIN - because such uses usually prompt people to be less: honest, open, civil, hospitable, generous, creative, imaginative, hopeful, authentic, kind, forgiving, etc. 3. Many people becoming aware of the VERY REAL WAYS in which non-coercive & non-violent people have confronted domineering/violent/coercive people in so as TO EXPOSED THEIR LACK OF INTEGRITY AND UNDERMINED/SUBVERTED THEIR CREDIBILITY in the eyes of people who have honored, trusted and/or supported people who have been domineering, violent or coercive --- and gained more power thereby. 4. Many people becoming aware that the actual costs of coercion and violence in confrontational situations have most often been FAR GREATER THAN THE PROBABLE COSTS OF NON-COERCIVE and NON-VIOLENT ALTERNATIVES INITIATED IN early/timely ways. 5. Many people becoming involved in early training in non-coercive and non-violent initiatives by which to mitigate the risks of coercion and/or violence in confrontational situations; e.g., ways of truly resolving conflicts between and among complementary/conflicting: values, ideals, principles, hopes, aspirations, desires, intentions, plans, promises, etc. 6. Many people becoming well informed about the many occasions in the 1900's when whole nations became involved in non-violent/non-coercive revolutions which unseated domineering governments through the initiatives of well trained non-violent citizens who exposed/subverted their existing governments/dictators to the point that such government/dictators were no longer "viable" ones. 7. The continued networking of peace-institutes and university/college based programs of peace-studies generally & studies in non- violent resistance. In late 2002 there was information at the following web sites: and as starting places for finding other links. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================