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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %CREATING UNSTABLE COMMUNAL SITUATIONS EXTREMISTS+021221 %DESTRUCTIVE PATTERNS BEHAVIOR FEAR DRIVEN REACTION+021221 %REVOLUTIONARY WAYS WARS CONFLICTS IMMATURE CONTROL+021221 %LETTING GO LOVERS THREATEN DOMINEERING PEOPLE EVIL+021221 %ESSENTIAL HUMAN RIGHT FOUNDATION HUMANE INTEGRITY+021221 %ROBUST SANCTUARY RELATIONSHIPS HEALING RECONCILED 021221 In UNSTABLE communal situations extremists are prone to engage in destructive patterns of behavior; e.g., when they fear that their own traditional/stable structures of domination and control might break down in revolutionary ways. In such situations the most fear-full and immature people are most likely to engage in destructive patterns of behavior --- which undermine essential human rights and services such as communication, health, housing, and transportation. When such essential foundations of personal and communal integrity are undermined all hell breaks lose and people behave in dis- integrative ways which are driven by ignorance, prejudice, arrogance, self-righteousness, greed, etc. The challenge is to build up healthy personal and communal relationships which are robust and stable; without them being repressive, coercive, violent, unfair, unjust, unbalanced, conformal, dishonest, and prone to engender: resentment, anger, rage, frustration, alienation, estrangement, and desires for revenge. The latter responses to "stability" create highly UNSTABLE conditions. Pent-up-energy can/may explode in destructive ways during a revolution against injustice in how the goods which are the fruits of common people's labors are distributed. This is true when the "goods" are tangible objects and when the "goods" are coveted healthy relationships found only within healthy sanctuary communities of Love. Truly healthy communities are not held-together or based-upon the use of: coercion, violence, pretense, dishonesty, conformity, formalities, repression, suppression --- because the use of such means create long-term-INSTABILITIES which threaten all personal and communal integrities. Unhealthy means of generating "pretentious stability" usually will generate dangerous in-stabilities which are rooted in: repression, coercion, violence, injustice, extremism, conformities & dishonesty -- that naturally engender: resentment, anger, rage, frustration, alienation, estrangement, and desires for revenge. Unhealthy means of generating "pretentious stability" will usually generate dangerous tendencies to fall into collusive games of mutual self deception with addictions to: drugs, technologies, formalities, self-righteousness, narcissism, ego-centricity, controls, and conflicts-over-domination. These all engender communal INSTABILITIES as powers and energies become concentrated to the point of exploding destructively --- rather than being used creatively and constructively. In destructive revolutions behaviors are not "driven" by knowledge, understanding and insights --- but by: fears, conspiracy-theories, anxieties, distrust, resentment, greed, and egocentric desires which never merit our respect, honor or support. It is important to recognize that there are a large variety of ways/domains in which INSTABILITIES may develop: 1. Very tall thin buildings --- hated by many. 2. Large collections of explosive materials. 3. Many over-valued highly-speculative stocks. 4. False rumors about terrorist cell groups. 5. False beliefs about minority religious groups. 6. Great disparities between the rich/poor. 7. Great disparities between powerful/impotent. 8. Great disparities between education levels. 9. Many paranoid people armed with guns. 10. Land concentrations into the hands of a few. 11. Power concentrations into the hands of a few. 12. Many seeking security in invulnerability. 13. Many people with unrealistic expectations. 14. Unrealistic promises being made to many. 15. Many attempts to repress healthy instincts. 16. Many people attempting to control each other. 17. Too many people and not enough land/food. 18. Too many people with no health care available. 19. Pervasive trust being placed in violence. 20. Pervasive dis-trust of "different" people. The above, and many other, ways/domains are where INSTABILITIES develop and build up to breaking points which lead into destructive revolutions. We all need to work to avoid the development of any such INSTABILITIES which are not recognized in any timely way. Often the above kinds of INSTABILITIES are generated by domineering people who are in competition with each other about how to concentrate power into the hands of just a select few of all of the many domineering people. INSTABILITIES entail a high level of "success" on the part of only a few domineering people --- at the expense of many other people who may, or may not, be domineering people --- and who are often very vulnerable people for a variety of reasons related to the insensitivity of all domineering people. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================