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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %DOMINEERING TENDENCIES DISPOSITIONS BOXED TRUTHS+021027 %ANCIENT TIMES MODERN FUTURE TOOLS MANIPULATION SIN+021027 %SELECTIVE REJECTED REPRESSED SUPPRESSED CONFUSED+021027 %RIGHTEOUS INTERPRETATIONS ACCESS THINK PRAY SEEING+021027 %FROZEN CHOSEN CONTINUING REVELATIONS RESEARCH FEEL+021027 %BIBLE INTERPRETATION SCRIPTURE SIMPLE COMPLEX GOD 021027 In each era domineering people are prone to try to "box up" those truths known to them from their own time and previous times --- and to try to make those truths be tools with which to dominate others; e.g., as "absolute truths". This process usually entails the following procedures: 1. Being selective about which truths are selected, and which are rejected/repressed. 2. Being selective about which interpretations and "spins" on selected truths --- are taken to be the right and righteous interpretations and "spins", and which are taken to be "of the devil". 3. Being selective about which people are granted full access to the "selected truths" --- and making sure that no "different" people are granted full access to all previously acknowledged truths. 4. Being sure that all people are required to "think" only "inside the box" which is controlled by the special domineering people who make themselves acceptable through proper forms of conformity. 5. Freezing the discovery/discernment process --- so that control can be maintained in terms of a limited and controlled set of comprehensive truths which cannot be added to by anybody today or in the future. 6. Preventing: revolutions, changes, growths, evolutions, visions, dreams, revisions, creativity, research, discovery, exploration, experimentation, initiatives, prophesies, etc. --- which might undermine "The Domination System" of controls and inhibitions. 7. Preventing the evolution of new insights by preventing the integration of ancient truths with new truths --- and/or expanding them through the personal experiences and discernment processes of the people now alive. 8. Insuring that only those truths which are under the control of "group-think" and "The Domination System" and are "in the box" --- have any chance of receiving respect, honor or support. 9. Making sure that only the most simple truths receive honor, respect and support --- because full control is hard to maintain in the face of true accurate descriptive complexity. 10. Denigrating people who demonstrate authenticity, creativity and dispositions to take true initiatives --- because such people are a threat to the appearance of integrity of "The Domination System" --- upon which the welfare of domineering peoples depends. Because of the above noted tendencies of domineering people --- they are bound to come into conflict with people who: 1. Seek to give due consideration to mutually complementary truths, not just to some select few truths. 2. Seek to give due consideration of various people's understandings of the meanings/implications of various truths --- not just of one "authoritative" interpretation. 3. Seek to promote liberal education programs for as wide a range of people as are interested and able to engage in liberal education programs --- in order to give due consideration to wide ranges of truths. 4. Seek to help people be creative and imaginative in thinking "outside the box". 5. Seek to encourage the creation/discernment of new knowledge and new kinds of knowledge through prayer, experimentation, research and honest dialogue. 6. Facilitating the generation of revolutions in scientific, information-processing, medical, religious, theological, political, geographic, and other kinds of knowledge. 7. Promoting experimental procedures in objective, subjective, and reflexive relationships --- and the open and honest articulation of all that is learned through them. 8. Working to eliminate bias and prejudice in information: processing, communications, storage, recovery and interpretation during educational procedures. 9. Working to discern truths about complex reflexive processes which deal openly and honestly with the complexities of such reflexive processes. 10. Working to insure that honor, respect and support are shown to authentic people who demonstrate dispositions to be creative and take true initiatives which will promote both personal and communal integrations and integrities. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================