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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %NATURE ESSENCE DOMINATION SYSTEM PURPOSE OBSCURE+020923 %HIDDEN CONFUSING ADMIRATION HONOR RESPECT MAINTAIN+020923 %KNOWLEDGE GOOD DEVIL OVERT POLITICAL POWER PROFIT+020923 %ACCOMPLISH GREAT ACHIEVEMENT UNDERSTAND INFLUENCE+020923 %INVISIBLE MYSTERY APPEARANCE PRETENTIONS PROPRIETY+020923 %LOVERS RECONCILERS HEALERS LIBERATORS PEACEMAKERS 020923 It is difficult to deal with "The Domination System" because its purpose is obscure. Its purpose is NOT: 1. To gain admiration, honor or respect. 2. To increase or maintain its integrity. 3. To become better known and publicized. 4. To get more attention in the news media. 5. To get more overt political power/influence. 6. To become more profitable and rich. 7. To become a well known historical reality. 8. To be remembered for its great accomplishments. 9. To become better understood and influential. 10. To achieve any clearly defined goal. Instead of the above understandable purposes, the purpose of "The Domination System" is to remain: 1. Invisible, unheard of and unknown. 2. Beyond the realm of understanding. 3. In the realm of obscurity and mystery. 4. Beyond imagination and credibility. 5. Apparently unreal and not apprehendable. 6. Apparently normal and natural. 7. Apparently inherent in human nature/beings. 8. Apparently created/ordained by God. 9. In the shadows of the real world. 10. Beyond the realm of human vision and control. It is only by remaining as it is, that "The Domination System" can survive as it is; unexcelled in domination and control. "The Domination System" cannot remain as it is, if it: 1. Is admired, honored or respected. 2. Has its "false integrity" exposed. 3. Is publicized and becomes better known as it is. 4. Gets attention in the news media. 5. Gets overt political power/influence. 6. Becomes profitable, rich and envied. 7. Becomes a well known historical reality. 8. Becomes remembered for its overt accomplishments. 9. Becomes understood as an influential reality. 10. Achieves clearly recognize goals. The Domination System" cannot remain as it is, if it becomes: 1. Visible, heard and known. 2. Real within the realm of human understanding. 3. Clearly present and authentic in people's lives. 4. Imaginable and credible. 5. Real and apprehendable. 6. Evident as what it is. 7. Clearly contrary to authentic human nature/being. 8. Clear as a fallen creation not ordained by God. 9. The focus of human attention and discernment. 10. Real within human discernment & healing efforts. How then do true lovers deal with "The Domination System"? In ways which challenge its leaders to survive and thrive in ways which promote reconciliation, healing, true integrity, conflict-resolution, openness, authenticity, civility and hospitality --- without contentiousness, coercion and violence. True lovers lead by offering demonstrations of non-violent ways of graciously transcending all that "The Domination System" seeks to preserve. True lovers offer gracious alternatives to what "The Domination System" offers. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================