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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK MOTIVATIONS DOMINEERING SIN+020827 %UNILATERAL DEMANDS VULNERABLE OBEY RULES LAWS GOD+020827 %PRACTICAL REASONS AVOID HARM DISEASE PREVENTION+020827 %PERSONAL EXPERIENCE PERCEPTION CONSEQUENCES DEVIL+020827 %SYMBOLIC SUBMISSION INTRUDE PRIVACY CONTROL RIGHTS+020827 %LABELS BLAME SHAME GUILT REJECTION CONDEMN ACCEPT 020827 Consider the conceptual frameworks and kinds of motivations that are often operative in attempts on the part of domineering people to get others to submit to their own domineering efforts: 1. There are UNILATERAL demands on the part of DOMINEERING people that VULNERABLE people should OBEY some: rules, laws, regulations, commandments, prescriptions, proscriptions, etc. which are chosen by the domineering people --- who MAY OR MAY NOT be in official positions with official authority --- and MAY OR MAY NOT have played roles in creating the original rules, laws, etc. 2. There are no clear and present practical reasons given --- indicating why obedience is important to anybody; e.g., probable physical harm, threat of harm, or threat of the spread of disease. 3. UNILATERALLY APPLIED LABELS which define classes of people without respect for individual differences often play central roles in identifying those vulnerable ones upon whom the demands are imposed; e.g., FEMALES, CHILDREN, SLAVES, BLACKS, JEWS, GERMANS, JAPS, COMMUNISTS, SOCIALISTS, RED-SKINS, HEATHEN, GAYS, HOMOSEXUALS, LESBIANS, ETC. 4. There is no indication of how a failure to submit to the demands of domineering people will cause any real harm to anyone --- except perhaps to the egos of the domineering people who make the demands. 5. A credible case can be made that what is being demanded is SYMBOLIC SUBMISSION to DOMINATION unilaterally imposed by the domineering people who impose the demands --- in the absence of any indication of how disobedience will undermine any personal or communal integrities. 6. What is at issue is the CONCENTRATION OF POWER to be in unilateral control --- versus RECONCILIATION, LIBERATION, INTEGRATION, PEACEMAKING and HEALING. It is important to recognize that domineering people (consciously and/or unconsciously) devise ways to intrude into the private lives of vulnerable people who are ill- disposed to submit to their domination: 1. In the ways suggested above --- by in effect setting up warning lights which are ON so long as there are continuing signals from vulnerable people that they are willing to submit to domination. If the warning lights go OFF --- then domineering people must move in to take assertive/unilateral action to ward off any more serious move to subvert their dominant positions in the lives of the vulnerable people. 2. By procedures which place public blame/shame upon vulnerable people who refuse to keep their warning lights ON through symbolic daily gestures of submission to the domineering people's demands, rules, regulations, etc. 3. By introjecting into vulnerable people a sense of guilt, shame, self-blame, self-punishment, etc. for failing to be faithful/obedient towards the "legitimate" authorities. It is important to refrain from labeling any class of people "DOMINEERING PEOPLE" just because of some other label which has been applied to them by others or by themselves due to: skin color, nationality, culture, language, religion, beliefs, life-style, etc. The term DOMINEERING PEOPLE" is best limited to people as a DESCRIPTIVE TERM which is based upon people's own personal PATTERNS of ATTITUDES, ASSUMPTIONS, and MOTIVATIONS as REVEALED by their DOMINEERING BEHAVIORS. The term may reasonably be applied to groups of people because of pervasive PATTERNS in their cohesive group's ATTITUDES, ASSUMPTIONS, and MOTIVATIONS as REVEALED by their DOMINEERING BEHAVIORS; e.g., among many of the leaders of the NAZI, ITALIAN, JAPANESE and SOVIET countries during WORLD WAR II. Of course many people in those countries might with good reason say the same thinG about many of the central leaders of the United States of America and its allies during their colonial period, and of slave-owners and DEFENDERS of SLAVERY and SEGREGATION all around the world in all times and places. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================