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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %DOMINATION LOVERS DEMANDS CONFORMITY SACRIFICE SIN+020804 %PATTERNS AMONG ABSENT AFFIRMATIONS EVIDENCE EVIL+020804 %RELATIONSHIPS RECOGNIZE FAITHFUL SERVANTS SYSTEMIC+020804 %CHARACTERISTICS PERSONALITY TYPES MEYERS BRIGS GOD+020804 %DISHONESTY CONFORMITY EXCLUSIVITY ACCEPTANCE GOODS+020804 %DOUBLE THINK NEGATIVE THOUGHTFULNESS AUTHENTICITY 020804 The following obscure abstract statements may be clarified by the more concrete statements towards the end of this essay. Perhaps the reader will be helped by first reading the latter part of the essay; starting with the paragraph which comes just before the list of words. "The Domination System" demands conformity that is willing to sacrifice the essential foundations for both personal and communal integrity. How then are we to recognize the faithful servants of "The Domination System?" This entails a major methodological dilemma. Any means of identification which demands conformity and heightens the temptation to be dishonest --- is inherently flawed; as both demands are characteristic of "The Domination System." The way out of the dilemma entails there being (1) no demands for conformity and (2) the recognition of PATTERNS of behavior which are taboo/forbidden to faithful supporters of "The Domination System." The PATTERNS of behavior which are taboo/forbidden are most reliably identified in terms of INTER-RELATED ABSENCES; not in terms of any few behaviors which might be mandated. The following reasons pertain: 1. To require any few behaviors of anybody is to demand conformity --- a common central behavior characteristic of loyal supporters of "The Domination System". To be authentic in an effort to identify loyal supporters of "The Domination System" we must be careful NOT TO DEMONSTRATE any of the central characteristics of such people; i.e., WE MUST NOT TO DEMONSTRATE ANY DEMAND FOR CONFORMITY. 2. By calling attention to MANY-BEHAVIORS which loyal supporters of "The Domination System" are very- unlikely to demonstrate --- we can provide the key to recognizing loyal supporters of "The Domination System". Loyal supporters of "The Domination System" cannot be loyal supporters while demonstrating MANY- BEHAVIORS which are all signs of disloyalty to "The Domination System." In this way the focus is not upon the possible PRESENCE-of-ANY-FEW-BEHAVIORS which MIGHT- BE-MANDATED; but rather upon the ABSENCE-of-MANY- BEHAVIORS which "The Domination System" IN-FACT-DOES- FORBID. The key to the recognition of loyal supporters of "The Domination System" entails not only recognizing one thing which is significant through its absence; but it requires the recognition of A-PATTERN-OF-ABSENCES-OF-MANY- FORBIDDEN-BEHAVIORS. Recognizing that a particular person is absent is much more difficult than recognizing that a particular person is present. Recognizing that there is a pattern-in-the-kinds-of-persons-who-are-absent is much more difficult than recognizing that all-the-people- who-are-present-are: black, Chinese, or females. What then are many things which include among them characteristics which are UNLIKELY-TO-BE-ABSENT from the LIVES-OF-AUTHENTIC-PEOPLE who DO understand and transcend "The Domination System"? We cannot be sure that any few of the following will be present in the lives of authentic people who DO understand and transcend "The Domination System" --- but THE-MORE-OF-THE-FOLLOWING-WHICH ARE-ABSENT from the lives of a person; THE-MORE-LIKELY IT-IS-THAT-SAID-PERSON-IS-NOT-AN-AUTHENTIC-PERSON who DOES understand and transcend "The Domination System." The more in doubt we are about authenticity, the more we need to be aware of and beware of the PATTERN-OF-ABSENCES. We need to BEWARE of mandating any few of the following; for that would be demanding conformity. We do need to BEWARE of MANY-OF-THE-FOLLOWING-BEING ABSENT from the lives of people whom we might suspect of being loyal supporters of "The Domination System". Beware of any-pattern-of-absences of OVERT-AFFIRMATIONS-OF-THE- IMPORTANCES-OF-THE-FOLLOWING: HONESTY INTEGRITY AUTHENTICITY OPENNESS HEALTH GENTLENESS CIVILITY COOPERATION ACCURACY DESCRIPTIONS JUSTICE FAIRNESS GENEROSITY HOSPITALITY HUMILITY PEACEMAKING PATIENCE TOLERANCE BALANCE WOMEN'S-RIGHTS KINDNESS CIVIL-RIGHTS CHILD-CARE PRIVACY-RIGHTS DIPLOMACY LIBERATION HEALING FREEDOM RELAXATION REST VACATIONS SECURITY EDUCATION HYPOTHESES INITIATIVES VULNERABILITY CREATIVITY QUESTIONING SKEPTICISM THINKING RENEWAL INTUITIONS DREAMS VISIONS HOPE EMOTIONS PLEASURES DESIRES Anyone who NEVER overtly-affirms-the-importance-of- ANY-of-the-above, is VERY-LIKELY a loyal supporter of "The Domination System." BEWARE! Anyone who overtly affirms the importance of very-few of-the-above, is LIKELY a loyal supporter of "The Domination System." BEWARE of being compulsively preoccupied with any few of the above as requiring essential overt affirmations by a person --- for the person to be accepted as a person worthy of respect, honor and support. IN SUMMARY: 1. Individual-absences are more difficult to recognize than individual-presences. 2. Patterns-in-absences are more difficult to recognize than individual-absences which are more difficult to recognize than individual- presences. 3. Informal understandings about patterns-in-many- absences are less threatening than demands for conformity-regarding-a-few-requirements --- but are more difficult to implement than are demands for conformity-regarding-a-few-requirements. 4. It is thus difficult to transcend domineering people who demonstrate patterns-in-many-absences, while demanding conformity-regarding-a-few- requirements which are signs of submission to the many "Powers-That-Be" in the service of "The Domination System". (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================