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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %RECOGNIZE DOMINATION SYSTEM ATTACK FALLEN POWER+020625 %OBVIOUS UNFRIENDLY EVIL POWERS PERSONS AGENTS SIN+020625 %ROOT DILEMMA PROBLEM DEFENSIVE SECURITY VULNERABLE+020625 %LACK ABSENCE PRESENCE CONTROL LORD KING QUEEN GODS+020625 %COLLUDE ADDICTION CODEPENDENT PREJUDICE IGNORANCE 020625 How is one to recognize a "Domination System Attack" by the "Fallen Powers That Be"? One might think that it is always obvious when one is being attacked by an unfriendly, domineering and/or "evil" power, person, agent, group or other being; but is it not at all obvious during most attacks. The root of the dilemma/problem is that the "Domination System" and all of the "Fallen Powers That Be" defend themselves and "go on the offensive" by using all available dishonest/deceptive tactics and tools which they can devise: collusions, addictions, secrecy, codependent-networks-of-supporters, confusion, prejudice, ignorance, arrogance, self-righteousness, generous-offers, seductive-claims, pretentious-of-righteousness, etc. Young people and dependent women are especially vulnerable to a "The Domination System Attack" by the "Fallen Powers That Be" through those upon whom they are most dependent; those whom they should be able to trust without question. To become defensive in trying to recognize and protect oneself against such an attack is in a sense to surrender to "The Domination System" and the "Fallen Powers That Be". How is one to recognize attacks and defend oneself against attacks without adopting and/or surrendering to their attitudes, assumptions and behavior patterns. One needs to sharpen one's skills in discerning the signs of any LACK of personal and/or communal integrity within those upon whom one is dependent; e.g.: 1. Failures to be open, honest and forthcoming. 2. Overt and/or tacit threats and/or punishments. 3. Arrogance, self-righteousness, pretentiousness. 4. Preoccupation with issues of control/dominance. 5. Preoccupations with winning, regardless of cost. 6. The absence of generosity, patience, civility. 7. Invitations to become one of a superior group. 8. Hints of exclusivity and/or judgementalism. 9. Preoccupations with legalisms/technicalities. 10. tendencies towards blaming, shaming and guilting. 11. A readiness to judge and condemn strangers. 12. Not truly getting to know "different" people. 13. Pretentions of superiority over "lesser" people. 14. Preoccupations with labels pasted on people. 15. Support of any cast system, formal or informal. 16. Confidence in a system of prejudices as "right". 17. Defending "our" rights at the expense of others. 18. Making everything depend on select "authorities". 19. Rejecting complementary/paradoxical truths. 20. Affirming a very small set of values or truths. Often it is not any one individual certain "sign" which is most revealing. Rather, it is an overall PATTERN among many ambiguous signs which is most revealing. Or, there is a PATTERN among gracious "signs" which are ABSENT, rather than a pattern among pernicious "signs" which are clearly present. People who are in the service of "The Domination System" and "The Fallen Powers That Be" can often be recognized by how they respond defensively to people who suspect that they are such servants of personal and communal disintegration. They must always be on the defensive --- to be faithful servants. They cannot afford to be friendly, intimate or vulnerable in thoroughly open and honest dialogue with different kinds of people. They seek to be always competitive, invulnerable, in- charge, superior, etc. A major key to learning how to recognize a "Domination System Attack" by the "Fallen Powers That Be" --- is the recognition that it is HARDER to be convicting in pretending to be: GRACIOUS PATIENT OPEN HONEST GENEROUS TOLERANT TRUSTING CIVIL VULNERABLE BALANCED HEALTHY LIBERAL LIBERATED FREE INFORMED FRIENDLY THAN IT IS to be convincing in trying to be: IN-CHARGE IN-CONTROL POWERFUL SUPERIOR FORCEFUL competitive KNOWLEDGEABLE AUTHORITATIVE It is harder to HIDE THE ABSENCE of the first set of virtues, than to PRETEND TO DEMONSTRATE the second set of advantages. What is important is for vulnerable people to know to LOOK FOR THE ABSENCE of the first set of virtues --- because the ABSENCE is recognized as part of the pattern which suggests that people are participating in "Domination System Attacks" by the "Fallen Powers That Be". ABSENCES cannot be hidden. However it is harder to recognize an ABSENCE, than it is to recognize a PRESENCE. Vulnerable people can, however, relatively easily compensate for the latter difficulty regardless of the efforts of domineering people. It is hard for vulnerable people to transcend domineering people's efforts to hide their efforts, relationships, intentions, tools, and secrets. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================