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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE LIFE STYLES COPING OSCILLATION+020621 %INCOHERENT INTEGRITIES INTEGRATION SEGREGATION SIN+020621 %EXCLUSIVE INCLUSIVE MUTUALITY BALANCE ODD EVEN GOD+020621 %THREATEN HONESTY OPEN ACCEPTANCE REJECTION PRAISE+020621 %UNCONDITIONAL DIALOGUE CONTENTIOUS MANDATORY RIGHT+020621 %CONFORMITY OBEDIENCE UNITY LOYALTY FORMALITY DEVIL 020621 Humans are often prone towards either of two mutually exclusive styles of coping with each other; and/or towards oscillating between those two mutually exclusive styles of coping in incoherent ways. The mutually exclusive two styles of coping are contrasted below with ODD and EVEN numbered characterizations: 1. THREATEN each other with CONDITIONAL acceptance and/or praise, rejections and/or condemnations. 2. COOPERATE with each and ever other person who is willing --- in the building of sanctuaries within which all persons are UNCONDITIONALLY accepted into open and honest dialogue. 3. CONTENTIOUSLY focus upon MANDATORY patterns of: conformity, obedience, acquiescence, consent, assent, propriety, unity, agreements, loyalty, pretentions, pretense, pretending, acting, scripting, rituals, formalities, collusions, addiction, codependence, etc. 4. WORKING-TOGETHER to FACILITATE and PROMOTE: shalom, peacemaking, reconciliation, healing, conflict- resolution, reconstruction, reformations, creativity, imagination, initiatives, accurate-descriptions, discoveries, revelations, envisioning, hope, appreciation, respect, tolerance, balance, power-sharing, wealth- sharing, giving, accepting-acceptance, safe-vulnerability, personal-integrities, communal-integrities, civility, civilization, etc. 5. WORKING-SEPARATELY to ACHIEVE: independence, success, superiority, dominance, dominion, control, salvation, redemption, respectability, invulnerability, security, power-concentrations, purity, perfection, certainty, absolute-truth, etc. 6. UNDERSTANDING, TRANSCENDING and SUBVERTING: alienation, estrangement, rupture, schism, anxiety, angst, care, worry, distress, pain, misery, anguish, uneasiness, disquietude, fear, dread, terror, horror, revulsion, hatred, detestation, repugnance, repulsion, aversion, abhorrence, panic, alarm, fright, consternation, dismay, trepidation, danger, anger, indignation, revenge, spite, vengeance, retaliation, reprisal, retribution, counter- attack, coercion, violence, estrangement, sin, iniquity, transgression, crime, offense, evil, illness, disease, perfectionism, arrogance, insolence, disdain, haughtiness, lordliness, superciliousness, self-righteousness, disaffection, aberrations, mania, insanity, madness, derangement, unbalance, dementia, lunacy, etc. ODD people cannot work together to cooperate in understanding EVEN people, and often contend with others in ways which turn EVEN people into ODD people. EVEN people can understand ODD people, and often work cooperatively to help ODD people grow into being EVEN people who then understand how and why they were as ODD as they were in the past. ODD people work by themselves to try to make things be better for themselves. EVEN people cooperate to help all people make things better for each other and the community as a healthy whole. ODD people try to make each other and other things be under ODD PEOPLE'S control. EVEN people cooperate in liberating themselves and each other from all that engenders: alienations, estrangements, misunderstandings, ignorance, disease, dis- ease, illness, being ill-at-ease, mental-illnesses, collusions, addictions, and codependent-support-networks. ODD people often banish each other while trying to banish: imperfections, errors, impurities, tragedies, dilemmas, problems, misunderstandings, disagreements, differences, diversity, conflicts, evil, etc. EVEN people welcome each other into cooperative communities which are building sanctuaries where all can be safely vulnerable within intimate relationships and cooperative work. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================