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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %AVOID ENTRAPPED EXCLUSIVE CONTROL PARADIGM ESCAPE+020226 %OUTSIDE WITHIN PERSON GROUP CONFLICT CONTENTION+020226 %COOPERATIVE COMPLEMENTARY FEEL BELIEVE COMMAND+020226 %FEAR COSMIC EGG CRACK ABSOLUTE TRUTH LOST FALL+020226 %EXCLUSIVE ANGRY GOD REJECTION CONDEMNATION LOVE+020226 %PERSONAL COMMUNAL DISINTEGRATION PERFECT PURITY 020226 It is difficult to avoid getting entrapped within an exclusive-control-paradigm; and more difficult to escape, or become liberated from, an exclusive-control-paradigm. Within any exclusive-control-paradigm, it makes sense to believe and contend that control should come exclusively from outside; or exclusively from within --- the person, group, consciousness, or whatever may be the preoccupation. There should be only one control source. There will be disagreement on which one, but rarely over there being only one. Within any exclusive-control-paradigm, ALL conflicts have to do with the: who, how, what, when, where, why, etc. --- of proper control --- which must be exclusive; not cooperative or complementary; because domineering people feel, believe and say that is how it must be. Few say no. Within any exclusive-control-paradigm, is a fear that somehow the paradigm might crack, and total control be lost, and so total security be lost for ever; because the only means to security is within total proper control over evil in all of its forms: non-conformity, spontaneity, errors, mistakes, creativity, visions, dreams, desires, pleasures, relaxation, intimacy, honesty, sexuality, etc.--- which are not totally controlled. Within any exclusive-control-paradigm, different people believe that total-control should be concentrated in different locations: self, other, group, scriptures, stories, myths, laws, commandments, prohibitions, prescriptions, formulas, formalities, etc.--- depending upon their special interests and advantages as regards powers. Within any exclusive-control-paradigm it is illogical and unreasonable that there to be cooperation or complementary: insights, ideals, values, visions, hopes, aspirations, dreams, desires, fears, concerns, ways, people, integrities, etc. --- for they would undermine the basic principle of exclusivity as the key to security in total control. Conflict is pervasive over the proper focus of all control, and people cannot agree on what is the proper one God. If there can be only one God, and people seek power in being nearer and dearer to the one God, than to anyone else, and exclusive of everyone else; then there will be conflict over who/how to be closest to God in exclusive ways, for there are no foundations for any kinds of cooperation in being together in the complementary intimate ways of Love; for the ways are all exclusive of each other way of being in control alone. Within an exclusive-control-paradigm, people cannot know and enjoy true security as the freedom to be safely vulnerable within intimate relations; because such intimacy is: illogical, not reasonable, and in violation of the basic principles of each and every exclusive-control-paradigm; and of the fearful people who dominate such paradigms as they individually seek to achieve security by themselves, alone, in control and safe. Within an exclusive-control-paradigm, people cannot be permitted to be intimate/honest with each other because such honesty/intimacy is a threat to The Domination System which is the basis of true: security, law, order, propriety, and safety. Intimacy/honesty must always conform to the prescribed standards of propriety, truth, formality, traditions, loyalty, etc. so that eternal things will endure. There must never be any question about who is true and loyal; without questions or doubts which are without question evil and despicable. Within an exclusive-control-paradigm, people cannot enjoy the opportunity to be safely vulnerable within any true sanctuary; for permitting such security within any sanctuary is sure to permit creative people to undermine the essential collusive games of mutual self deception of all --- in Gods Love. That is surely forbidden! (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================