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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %FACTORS UNDERMINE LEARNING HEALTHY GROWTH LOVERS+020130 %CIVILITY CIVILIZATION CONFLICT RESOLUTION DEVILS+020130 %HIDDEN SECRETS DISHONESTY IGNORANCE COLLUSIONS+020130 %PERSONAL COMMUNAL INTEGRITIES IGNORANCE PREJUDICE+020130 %TOUCH INTIMACY FRIENDSHIPS SEXUALITY EXPERIENCES+020130 %FEED-BACK-LOOP SYSTEMS ANALYSIS ORGANIZATION SIN 020130 What are some of the factors which undermine: timely-learning, healthy-growth, cooperation, mutual-understanding, healthy-balance, love, civility, civilization & conflict-resolution? There are many such factors; and often they are hidden from our view by: ignorance, collusions, dishonesty, confusion, prejudice, bias, our being out-of-touch with people, AND the nature of cyclic-cause-and-effect-chains of inter-connected-events-and-processes. We often cannot discern horrible feed-back-loops which undermine our diverse forms of integrities. Systems-analysis may be beyond the realm of our conscious thought and analysis. 1. We may be required by collusive people to ignore our own experiences --- in favor of yielding to their domineering: demands, commands, prescriptions, proscriptions, and unsubstantiated theories of magical ways to make required-things happen; and/or to keep forbidden-things from ever happening. 2. We may have been taught to be ultimately concerned in idolatrous ways about how to get into heaven &/or how to avoid falling into hell --- for reasons which cannot ever be confirmed in terms of the experiences of anybody we will ever know. Such teachings make us be the pathetic & thoughtless servants of the entrapped domineering supporters of our collusive Domination Systems. 3. We may have fallen into alienative patterns of interacting with each other --- making it impossible to learn from our own &/or from each other's --- accidental, collusive, and/or tragic mistakes/accidents --- because we cannot be honest-with, in- dialogue-with, or cooperate-with each person from whom we have become estranged/alienated. 4. We may have been taught (or come to believe) that the world is very simple in ways which make it possible to understand everything in terms of either/or, right/wrong, true/false, dichotomous patterns of questions, answers, assertions, demands, thinking, etc. 5. We may have been taught (or come to believe) that GOING-TO-EXTREMES in beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, intentions, desires, hopes, etc. is worthy of respect, honor and support; e.g., as a sign of loyalty and/or of faithful dedication to our cause. 6. We may be driven thoughtlessly by our patterns of: fears, anxiety, anger, rage; coercion, violence, attack, defense; punishments, corrections; retaliations, vengeance, reprisals, retributions, counter- attack, wars, terrorism, etc. --- which are justified in fearful ways by our anxiety, anger and self-righteous/arrogant rage. Our priority/main-concern may be AVOIDING all such bad-things, bad-people, evils, sins, and so many evil-people; so alienating all our-selves, each other and also "THEM". (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================