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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %ODD EVEN CHARACTERISTICS PEOPLE ORGANIZATIONS SIN+020113 %DYSFUNCTIONAL WELLNESS HEALTHY GROWING LEARNING+020113 %CRISIS OPPORTUNITY ENVIRONMENT CHANGE CHAOS FAIL+020113 %FAMILIES SCHOOLS GANGS COLLEGE UNIVERSITIES CITY+020113 %CHURCH RELIGION STATES NATIONS ADDICTION ABUSIVE+020113 %BALANCE CIVILITY PEACEMAKER CONFLICT RESOLUTION 020113 What are the characteristics of people/organizations which function well, are healthy and grow --- compared to the people/organizations which are dysfunctional, dis-eased, diseased, ill-at-ease, and unable to deal with change? The organizations include: families, schools, gangs, colleges, universities, businesses, corporations, professional-groups, cities, states, nations, churches, synagogues, mosques, and other kinds of religious gatherings. Some are ODD in that their reaction to distressing situations --- is to respond thoughtlessly in ways which aggravate their distress. Some are EVEN tempered, balanced, perceptive, kind, thoughtful, considerate, gentle, gracious, fair, just, humane, humble, courteous, civil, meek, civilized, attentive, cogent, clear, honest, authentic, modest, well-mannered, truthful, informed, observant, transparent, genuine, truthful, unpretentious, natural, etc. 1. Often ODD people just do not "get-it"; they do not see the whole picture --- because they are isolated in their "special" way of seeing things, people, and manyunrecognized relationships among them. 2. Usually EVEN-tempered people participate in balanced dialogue which promotes prompt feed-back of essential information when "things-go-wrong" within the whole inter-dependent system. 3. When "things-go-wrong" ODD people are often at ODDs with each other; prone to identify who "goofed"; who is wrong, incompetent, "at-fault", guilty, rejectable. They fail to see how they and others are unavoidably inter- dependent within their whole system. 4. EVEN-tempered people look at the whole system within which they are just some of the inter-dependent participants --- seeking to understand how the structure of their relationships with each other may have misled, and motivated them to do things which make no sense, which are dis-functional, do-not-function well in any coherent sense. 5. When "things-go-wrong" ODD people fail to be honestly in dialogue with those whom they see as most likely to be: at-fault, blameworthy, incompetent, guilty, shame-full, untrustworthy, evil, traitorous, etc. They act in ways which undermine and/or subvert communication. They often excommunicate each other. 6. When "things-go-wrong" EVEN-tempered people seek to resolve conflicts as peacemakers who intentionally seek to see the whole-picture --- to discern the structure of their inter-dependent relationships, assumptions, attitudes, perspectives, beliefs, perceptions, and the major environmental factors which might be relevant. 7. When "things-go-wrong" ODD people react quickly without observing the whole system as a whole inter- dependent system; without thinking about all of the inter- relationships, interactions, feed-back-loops, delaying factors, inhibitions to dialogue, repressions, suppressions, depressions, mountains, etc. --- which make it hard for participants to be well informed in thoughtful ways. 8. EVEN-tempered people are willing to take time to look around to see just how they are themselves involved in what has gone-wrong; to better understand how the whole-system is in fact "working"; especially when it it is dysfunctional with them "inside-of-it" in some peculiar way. 9. ODD people are unwilling to take time to look around ---except to find targets to: blame, shame, guilt, punish, scape-goat, sacrifice, excommunicate, trash or destroy. They destroy the communication-net- works which are essential to all well-functioning- systems with integrity. 10. EVEN-tempered people seek to identify and strengthen the essential foundations of both personal and communal integrity; to promote integration, integrity, communication, dialogue, mutual-understanding, and all forms of healthy-inter-dependence. 11. ODD people seek to achieve superiority through independence, being-in-control, being-dominant --- giving commandments, prescriptions, proscriptions & ego-centric judgements. Their judgements are based upon their self- understandings of themselves as already superior and independent of other parts of the interdependent system of which they are just a part; apart from others. 12. EVEN-tempered people seek to connect-with, cooperate with, and be-together-with all kinds of people --- because they know that all kinds of people play key roles in the overall structure of their communities --- and they know that in the absence of open and honest dialogue among all kinds of people --- they all disintegrate and their communal structures disintegrate. 13. ODD people seek to exclude from their power centers "different" kinds of people --- because "different" kinds of people threaten their own exclusive kind of superiority, domination and controls --- unaware that through such exclusivity they undermining the possibility of integration, personal integrity and communal integrity. 14. Even-tempered people seek to make clear to all people how they are all inter-dependent because of the tacit and overt, implicit and explicit, communal and personal structures of: assumptions, attitudes, beliefs, convictions, language, semantics, logic, reasoning, laws, orders, commandments, prescriptions, proscriptions, gods, sins, evils, alienations, estrangements, excommunication, arrogance, and self-righteousness. 15. ODD people are ultimately concerned with undermining even-tempered peoples' efforts to make all of the above clear about how all people are inter-dependent; because such clarity would undermine "The Domination System" and the special advantages which "The Domination System" seems to confer upon dominant people who thoughtlessly serve "The Domination System" as their faithful god; under their control. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================