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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %ABUSE NAME GOD JESUS CHRIST VAIN FUTILE FAIL+010722 %FALLEN ANGELS PRINCIPALITIES POWERS THRONE KING+010722 %BLASPHEME HOLY SPIRIT UNFORGIVABLE ALIENATION+010722 %USELESS TRAGIC TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMATIC+010722 %DOMINATION SYSTEM DILEMMA PROBLEM ENGINEERING 010722 It makes no sense to invoke the name of God or Jesus --- in efforts to coerce people into pretending to be other than who they really are; to be dishonest, to be untruth-ful. To do so is to use the name of God or Jesus --- "in vain", because such use is useless, futile, impotent, incoherent, disintegrative, etc. To do so is to blaspheme the Holy Spirit of the works of God and Jesus. It does no good to get people to conform in ways which do violence to their own unique integrity; or to the unique integrities of their communities. Conformity is not the essence of --- integrity, goodness, righteousness, salvation, redemption, health, heaven, etc. God did not create various creatures in order that they might conform, be alike, imitate each other, or misrepresent their diversity. God did not say that creatures were good because they were alike in some conformal way. God said that they were good while being different, within different relationships of their own. God did not say that they were good because they were ideal forms, or conformed to/within ideal forms. God said that as different creatures they were good. Why are some people preoccupied with conformity, ideal forms, good/best formulas, formulations of properties and proper formalities? Because they want to be: In charge? In control? Dominant? Such people create conflict, contentiousness, violence, misunderstandings, alienation, estrangement, ignorance, and the disintegration of peoples and their communities of integrity. Their efforts are "in vain", futile, tragic, hopeless, and not worthy of honor, respect or support. If we fear, honor, respect or support them --- we become like them. --------------------------------------------------- Perverse people are conceived within perverse relationships, and view sin/evil as having to do with non-conformity; i.e., with being different than individuals who ARE conformed. --------------------------------------------------- Healthy people are conceived within healthy relationships, and view righteousness/salvation as having to do with integration and integrity in Love; i.e., in gracious relationships. --------------------------------------------------- Perverse people are in the service of "The Domination System" in ways which lead to the disintegration of healthy relationships and healthy people. They engender sin and evil through: excommunications, estrangement, alienation, misunderstandings, confusion, ignorance, resentment, anger, rebellions-revolutions, judgements, condemnations and zero-tolerance-punishments. In trying to eliminate imperfections, sins, impurities, devils --- they engender alienation, mistakes, and perverse new conceptions. Perverse people oppose and call that which is good by the name "evil", evil by the name "good", true by the name "false", false by the name "true", relative by the name "certain", certain by the name "relative", righteous by the name "immoral", coercive by the name "righteous". --------------------------------------------------- Healthy people are in the service of Love which is One, Well Integrated with Integrity in Bringing Together all kinds of diverse peoples in cooperative conceptions of new and gracious relationships. They engender reconciliation and healing through open and honest dialogue, conversations, communications, listening, mutual-understanding, clarifications, learning, respect, appreciation, tolerance, and cooperation. Healthy people engender creativity, growth, and insights --- which transcend/subvert: perverse- concentrations-of-powers, controls, legalisms, judgements, condemnations, punishments and contentiousness in small isolated groups which do not understand themselves or each other in integrative ways. They DO NOT conceive and perceive each other as enemies who must be controlled/eliminated in order to themselves enjoy security through their achievement of invulnerability. They are in Love in the Gracious Ways of Love as One Whole Being of God. --------------------------------------------------- Perverse domineering people have not truly experienced Love, and perceive lovers as imperfect sinners; devils who must be brought under control; or eliminated. --------------------------------------------------- True lovers who are truly in Love have experienced Love, and perceive perverse domineering people as VICTIMS of: estrangement, alienation, excommunications (of themselves from each other), confusion (seeing sin as only imperfections/non-conformity), and seeing coercion/violence as good without limit when used in the service of their god, "The Domination System". Perverse domineering people DO NOT perceive integration and integrity as having to do with goodness or righteousness; for therein is the transcendence/subversion of "The Domination System" which is their Perverse God. They cannot maintain for long their appearances of "integrity", "health", "honor" --- because they worship many disintegrative tools of: coercion, domination and control --- which entail dishonesty without any limiting complementary and paradoxical considerations. Perverse domineering people do not have the capacity to be in love with others --- because they have not been properly loved and have not properly accepted Love. They are defensive because they have not been loved, and have been: coerced, controlled, dominated, attacked, judged/condemned --- and can conceive of security only in terms of being invulnerable to: coercion, controls, domination, attacks, judgements and to all forms of condemnations/excommunications. In defense, they have become like those who have used and abused them. They cannot imagine what it would be like to be truly loved and to truly accept genuine Love free of sin. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================