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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %INTENTIONALLY HELPFUL INPUT EVOLUTION HEALTHY SIN+000928 %RELATIONSHIPS DOMINEERING DOMINATION SYSTEM DEVIL+000928 %CONTROL IMPOSSIBLE LAWS ORDER FORMAL PRESCRIPTION+000928 %ALIENATION IGNORANCE CONFUSION PREJUDICE BIAS GOD 000928 Because of the alienative/evil nature of their inter- personal relationships --- domineering people cannot make intentionally helpful input into the evolution of healthy/integrative persona/communal relationships. This is so because: 1. Domineering people attempt to control what cannot be controlled; e.g., they attempt to CONTROL people's: THOUGHTS ATTITUDES FEELINGS DESIRES FEARS HOPES ASPIRATIONS PRIORITIES BEING ASSOCIATIONS EXPRESSIONS WRITINGS PETITIONS ASSEMBLIES SPEECH GENEROSITY INTIMACIES PRIVACY SEXUALITY FAMILY-LIFE JUDGMENTS PRIVACY SPIRITS PRAYERS 2. Attempting to control what cannot be CONTROLLED entails entering into collusive games of mutual self deception --- according to which what is impossible is agreed to be possible. Those who are to be controlled MUST BE MADE PARTICIPANTS in collusive games of mutual self deception; whether they wish to participate or not. 3. Victims of domineering people naturally resent being controlled, whether with their own complicity or without their own complicity. They thus become alienated from the domineering people whom they perceive to be "in charge"; whether or not those people whom they perceive to be "in charge" really are "in charge" or not; "in control" or not. What is real is not what counts. Under the spell of dominations what counts is what appears to be real, what is perceived; "appearances" --- not realities. 4. In order to increase their "powers of domination" domineering people seek out, use, and abuse TOOLS with which to attempt to control what cannot be controlled; TOOLS such as: DECEPTIONS DISHONESTY SECRECY COERCIONS MANIPULATIONS THREATS PUNISHMENTS REWARDS IMPRISONMENTS DEPRIVATIONS ESTRANGEMENTS EXCOMMUNICATIONS EMBARRASSMENTS GUILTINGS SHAMINGS RIDICULOUS ATTACKS ASSAULTS Uses and abuses of such disintegrative TOOLS accentuate the already present tendencies for dominant people to alienate themselves from their victims --- including alienating themselves as controllers from themselves as victims of their own dominations. 4. To be "effective" controllers --- domineering people must make their "works" to appear to be worthy of respect, honor and support; e.g., by their becoming by some devious means --- respected, honored and supported religious leaders. Domineering religious leaders make "effective" use of: Visions of heaven as a place of eternal rewards for select: compliant conformists, loyal colluders and codependent supporters of addictive managers. Visions of hell as a place of eternal punishments for creative non-conformists and rebellious peacemakers. Visions of purgatory as a place of enduring ambiguities, doubts, uncertainties, and paradoxes --- for those who did not chose the right dominant team with enthusiasm and enduring loyalty. 5. Domineering leaders must make it appear that a choice must be made between their program of laws and orders on one side, and chaos on the other side; because there is no conceivable alternative under the dominion of their collusive games of mutual self deception. Dichotomous thinking and attitudes rule. Fear is supreme. Love is marginalized. God appears to serve domineering people well; for they are in control of appearances of God. 6. Whenever a suffering servant appears and exposes the lack of integrity of the domineering religious leaders --- the suffering servant must be: Ridiculed, alienated and crucified. Made to appear to be an impossibility. Co-opted into military service by a benevolent dictator. Converted into a servant of law-and-order. Elevated to a the central position in the ostensible positions of honor in the court of the domineering leaders' god. Manipulated into appearing to support the ways in which domineering people use the alienative tools of their trade. Pacified into being a benevolent presence without true influence in the court of the domineering leaders' god. Blessing the ways of domineering religious leaders; and their priorities, ideals, values, principles, hopes, aspirations, and systems of control. When all of this has been accomplished the domineering leaders will go to heaven and enjoy a well deserved rest from all of their difficult labors. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================