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About the Essays

As of Janaury 23, 2001, there were a total of 6,800 essays in the ESSAYS System which are available as SHAREWARE. The content of the essays came to the writer in quiet times from unknown sources, and were then written down. The texts were not intentionally composed in a disciplined way. There has never been any disciplined time to write.

The essays offer glimpses of many diverse relationships, from the perspective of many diverse vantage points --- having literally countless dimensions of space, time, knowledge, love, objectivity, reflexivity, etc.

The essays were not written to be read in any particular order. They are, however, presented in the order in which they were written; in order to manifest the inter-relationships present in the stream of consciousness in which they came. The extensive computer programs which complement the texts (and with them comprise the ESSAYS System) empower readers to find and read essays responsive to diverse readers' interests and needs --- so that different readers may read the essays in varying orders, appropriate to their various backgrounds and needs.

In retrospect, it has become clear that the process of writing these essays has been a search for, recognition of, naming of, and description of contrasting patterns in modern life---in terms of which we may understand and respond wisely to our various threats to personal and communal integrity. If we are not committed in profound ways to facilitate and promote both personal and communal integrity --- we, and our communities, will disintegrate as we serve other ideas, ideals, values, and principles in unbalanced ways --- which are supportive of "The Domination System" described by Walter Wink in his paper-back book "The Powers That Be".