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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %COMMUNALLY ACCEPTED INTEGRATIVE AFFIRMATIONS 880513 Communities which are engaged in collusive games of mutual self deception cannot publicly accept integrative affirmations, for to do so would violate their collusive games of mutual self deception. Such "communities" attempt to achieve unity through the promotion of conformity to conventional definitions of what is proper behavior. Affirmations of truths which are contrary to conventional knowledge of good and evil can not be publicly accepted without threatening the collusion. Questionable private affirmations of truths which are contrary to the collusions of a community can be tolerated, but not public acceptance of the same affirmations of truths. By their nature collusions cannot tolerate public discussion of the truths which are violated by the collusion. To publicly make an issue of private affirmations of truths which are violated by the collusion would occasion public discussion of the repressed truths. Such public discussion of repressed truths (even to deny them overtly) would not serve the purpose of collusive repression. The collusion is better served by tolerating questionable private affirmations of truths which the collusion denies; while not permitting public affirmations of the same truths. They are treated tacitly as of questionable character as are the persons who make such questionable affirmations. The tolerance for private affirmations of such truths helps to conceal collusions and the ways in which they deprive affirmations of communal power. Collusions conceal from public recognition the importance of public acceptance of public affirmations of integrative truths. Such concealment leads members of the "community" to uncritically think that tolerance of private affirmations is equivalent to public acceptance of public affirmations; and so to be blind to the repressions of the collusions. Collusions will tolerate many levels of affirmation of truths which might seem to be public affirmations; yet manage to deprive such affirmations of genuine public acceptance and affirmations. Affirmations made publicly by individuals can be deprived of power by public ridicule, criticism, or indifference towards those who make the affirmations. The tactics avoid dealing with the truths which are affirmed, focusing rather upon discrediting the messenger in any way which will deprive the messenger of credibility. Collusions can withhold public acceptance of affirmations of truths by tacitly discrediting the non-conformists who make public affirmations of dangerous truths. Crazy people can be tolerated so long as everybody agrees that they are crazy people, and that what they affirm does not make sense. Collusions withhold public acceptance of affirmations of dangerous truths by means which do not deal with the dangerous truths in any way. Dangerous truths can be made to appear dangerous to all, by increasing the fears of the implications of acceptance of the truths. It is not necessary to discuss the truths at all. It is only necessary to make it so painful to accept the truths, that only non-conformists who can be discredited will be willing to accept the truths. The logic of such pain and fear does not need to be spelled out, it is the more powerful the more tacit and vague it is. Ambiguity and confusion serve collusions well. For a community to promote both personal and communal integrity it needs to celebrate in open and honest public events the truths which are essential to both personal and communal integrity. Such communal celebrations of integrative truths can serve as a first line of defense against the development of disintegrative collusions. In such celebrations the community can affirm those truths which are worthy of respect, and worth the time it takes to grant their affirmations public acceptance. In the absence of such celebrations, communities tend to drift towards collusive behavior because of the human tendency to want to avoid dealing with painful truths; e.g., to avoid dealing with limits inherent in being human. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================